9 March

FRANCINE LABERGE, 53 from St Jérôme

When my husband was ill and he lost his job, I was not able to pay the bills. I met my advisor and called all our creditors on our behalf, he was able to spend a consolidation agreement. Right now, I pay a single sum Consolidettes divides that sum between all my creditors. My debts were frozen, more interest, or additional fees to pay. Nobody calls us to harass us. What a relief !

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3 March

ALEXANDRE Trentin, 44 from Terrebonne

In time, I accumulated debts, I did not realize I was going to big money problems. Yet I work and I have a good salary. I made no budget, I was living beyond my means. Towards the end I could not even pay maintenance for my children, call every day, collections agencies have even called my workplace. I was ashamed, I was afraid of losing my work, I do not sleep more at night. I met a counselor who immediately took things in hand, he spent a consolidation agreement, I breathe.

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6 March

DI MARIO IORIO 49 from Montreal

After my separation, I fell into a depression. I like to drink, I mastered anything in my life. I had stopped working, creditor harassment calls, collection agencies, even the ushers came home. I did not want the shot, total distress. Thanks to my counselor, my life off again on the right foot, I turned the page of debt.

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